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Casting Calls – Putting Your Best Face Forward

Are you trying to become an actor or actress? Casting calls can be an essential step in your career. Every actor or actress has to do casting calls at some point or another! Find out how to put your best face forward!

Whether you are going to an open casting call or an audition that your agent set you up with, you are going to need to make a perfect first impression. To get more details about casting calls you may check it here.

casting calls

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Keep in mind that when you are sitting and waiting for your turn to be seen, you are already 'on stage' so to speak.

People lose their chance to even show off their stuff because they walked into the waiting room of the audition with a bad attitude.

It can be a real drag to walk into an open call and see fifty people sitting there. And it's even harder not to start picking off your competition, and comparing yourself to the other people that are sitting there. This is especially difficult during an open casting call.

Even if you think you are sitting there in front of a secretary, keep in mind, that the secretary is probably fairly close to the director, and she or he is watching your every move at this audition.

Also, if you start to compare yourself to the other people sitting at the casting call, you can talk yourself out of the audition before you are even seen. Stay focused on your task at hand. Be professional, and courteous at all times, to everyone in the room. You never know who you may be sitting next to.