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Car Buying Advice – Learning to Buy Cheaply is Fun

Before you head to the nearest car dealership to buy your new car, it's a good idea to find out if there are actually better options that can help you get a better deal. The simplest car buying advice for you is this: when you buy from a dealer, you end up paying full dealer price while receiving less extra, which is often just added to the deal to lure you to the dealer to buy. You can get good car buying tips via

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When buying a car, it's also a good idea to hear simple tips on how to retain its value after only two years of using your car. In most cases, a two-year-old car will depreciate about forty percent of the value of the new model. In addition, by the time the car is about five years old, it will have depreciated by about 65 percent. Therefore, the best advice when buying a car is to consider how to avoid depreciation due to the depreciation.

Many experts even suggest that it is much better to choose a car that is between three and five years old, as this ensures that you don't lose 45 percent through depreciation than the car's current purchase value is forty. to sixty-five percent below its new value. This means, for sound car buying advice, you only need to buy a used car, not a new one.