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Benefits of the Exercise Ball Ab Workout

When you do training ball exercises, you can get the benefits you don't get with other sports equipment. In this article, I say about AB exercises that you can do with only basic training balls and what advantages of this exercise.

1. Use the ball to support your lower back

You can do a basic crunch with exercise balls and use the ball to support your lower back. When you do this type of exercise, you should avoid sitting on the ball and bending or you might find yourself on the floor and everyone around you laughs. You can buy small exercise ball from various internet sources.

2. Use the ball to support your feet

Lie on the floor and place your feet on the ball. Then, lift your upper body with your abdominal muscles. If your feet will not remain together, you can cross your legs on the ball so that they remain in the place you want. Don't let your feet roll the ball.

3. Use the ball with a chair

There are AB exercises that you can do with balls and chairs. Place the ball in the base area of your thigh and roll it until the knees and then roll it back. This is an AB exercise you need to do slowly. If you move suddenly, you can finally hurt your abdominal muscles.

4. Do the knee-high ball exercise?

Knee high ball exercises require you to have a strong arm. The ball exercise must be as high as your knee. You have to kneel with the ball behind you. Go to the push-up position and leave the foot to the ball while your feet stay straight and your body in one line.