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Benefits of Salt Room Therapy

Salt is a vital part of daily life, and this is reflected in numerous language derivations. Salt treatment is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as for the regulation of water balance in cells.

Many of the clinical trials researching the efficacy of salt treatment target respiratory conditions. Therapeutic methods range from spending time in natural salt rooms to breathing aerosolized hypertonic saltwater. If you want to know more about salt room therapy, you can refer to

salt room therapy

In the respiratory tract, salt's mechanism of action is versatile. As salt particles are smaller than most particulate matter in the air, they can be inhaled deeper into the airways. Once in the respiratory tract, salt triggers a spill of therapeutic events. 

Some of the salt treatment benefits are:

  • Restrains Bronchial Hyperreactivity

Salt treatment helps in improving natural ciliary action. It reduces bronchial oedema; it is antimicrobial and because of these properties as well as anti-inflammatory action, salt restrains bronchial hyperreactivity.

  • Treats Cystic Fibrosis

Aerosolized hypertonic saline is used in salt treatment for treating cystic fibrosis. Researchers randomized 24 cystic fibrosis patients to receive either nebulized hypertonic saline four times a day with or without pretreatment with amiloride, a mild diuretic. Treatments were continued for two weeks with pulmonary function and mucus clearance measured periodically during therapy.