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Basic Concept Of Citadel Contrast Paints

As Games Workshop, Citadel Color tries to change the way you paint. Or rather, tries to encourage those of us who are trying to paint due to lack of time and talent.

Since the dawn of time, Warhammer aficionados have needed paint to decorate their expansion armies. For more information about citadel contrast paint visit

Citadel Contrast Paints

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However, the powers that be in the stronghold believed that they would get only one type of paint – acrylic. The paints are specifically designed to move to the new "contrast" undercoat and then leave recessed shadows and rudimentary highlights.

This should reduce painting time and make it easier for large armies to paint. GeekDad has been lucky enough to have been sent a box of contrast paint and in the coming weeks, is going to test them to see if my painting is going to revolutionize life.

I felt that contrast paints were going to solve this problem completely. Most teenagers (and indeed adults') miniatures look like miniature dwarfs. Contrast is not here to improve our miniatures.

Mention here to make them look "good enough" in a short time. It is worth considering when you are having a lot of hobby time or have too many models to paint.