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Bamboo Flooring: An Environmentally Friendly Option

When trying to decide on the flooring for their homes, most people do not consider the effects of their choices on the environment. Fortunately, for those who consider the environment when choosing a floor, there is a bamboo flooring alternative that offers aesthetic beauty and affordability while still being environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is not only environmentally friendly but is also affordable and come in a variety of different grains and types. When compared with other types of hardwood flooring, bamboo is just as hard. When it comes to installation, the advantage of bamboo is no exception. It is as easy to install as other hardwood flooring types. No matter what type of interior design theme of your case, you can visit and find bamboo flooring styles that suit your needs.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options - Floor Coverings International Bozeman

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With its wide array of colors and grains, besides the fact that it is easy on the wallet, it would seem that bamboo is hard to beat. Available in fabric, engineered and solid wood flooring species, bamboo is offered a wide range of prices. However, this type of bamboo does not compromise quality. Solid wood bamboo flooring is pure and glued together to make a beautiful wooden floor.

Engineered bamboo flooring consists of bamboo fiber tear. The type of flooring will have the same look and feel of solid bamboo flooring, but it will be slightly less expensive. Depending on how the floor has cured, engineered flooring can have drawbacks. 

In contrast to the two types of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring is very different. Bamboo fiber is made with grated and mixed with the resin before it is pressed into a solid block that is then ground and placed on the floor profiles, woven bamboo flooring is actually harder than solid.