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Australian Wines – The Best Of Its Kind

Australian wines make a huge contribution to the Australian economy through production and employment. Wine exports are one of the country’s top exports and the latest export data show Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter. There is also a significant domestic consumption of Australian wine, in the range of 400 million liters per year. The high quality of wine that the producer maintains makes Australian wines the very best in their category.

The first Australian vineyards were planted near Sydney Harbor Bridge in 1788. Over time, the number of vineyards in Australia has increased and there are now around 170,000 hectares of vineyards. Australian winemakers are renowned for their ability to combine tradition with technical innovation in wine production, giving Australian wines a unique character. It is this uniqueness of Australian wine that makes it the best of its kind on the international market. As there are so many wine clubs in Australia. So if you are also looking to join one of them then visit and get the membership on joining too.

White Or Red: A Guide To Common Wine Varieties

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The Australian wine sector is building its image as a wine brand through concerted efforts to develop an image under the Australian Wine brand. They attend trade shows, organize consumer tastings, and invite journalists and major retailers to Australia. There are many varieties and styles of Australian wines for consumers to choose from, with good quality, affordability, and enjoyment is the most common factors.

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation is a legislative body established by the Australian government that provides strategic support for the wine industry’s marketing efforts. This organization mainly takes responsibility for the promotion of local and international wines, provides information on wine production, negotiates with other countries’ industrial authorities on removing trade barriers, and much more. The organization is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, and the Australian government is a major shareholder of the organization.