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All About Product-Line Engineering

In the past few years, software product engineering lines have achieved unprecedented growth. There are organizations that apply the same methodology with great success in expanding their software portfolio, increasing their returns, improving software quality and shortening their time to market.

The term "software product line development" can be defined as a technique, technique, and tool for creating a collection of software systems from "a set of shared software assets and using shared platforms for production.

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Product Development Company develops a software system of a set of core assets together in a pre-arranged manner.

Most software manufacturers make applications with certain common attributes or components. Either they have the same architecture or platform, or some support the same industry sector.

These general factors need to be managed effectively so that the organization can achieve the highest economies of scale. Basically designed to manage these products, common features are designed to maximize benefits for the organization. This attribute is then integrated into a reusable core asset and can be one of the following:

  • Framework
  • Library
  • Component A
  • Tool platform and execution

Each of the core assets mentioned above shares a shared infrastructure, which exists in all products from the product line. With each of these assets, a process is attached together with the optimal procedure of using assets to develop products in the product line. Design documentation and other test cases were added to direct its use in the product.