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All About Floridas Bass Fishing Charter

Florida bass fishing action is found in many freshwater lakes. Lake Okeechobee is one of the most popular lakes and hosts many professional tournaments. This can make for an excellent family vacation because it allows teenagers, young adults, and parents to get in on the exciting action of catching Florida bass.

Florida is known for its saltwater fishing in Florida's oceans. You can plan a seabass expedition if you know where to look. Florida bass can reach large sizes, both freshwater and saltwater. On a fishing trip with a largemouth fishing charter, it is not uncommon to catch a 7- or 8-pound bass. 

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This is due to the mild climate that provides insects and baitfish almost all year, so an average Florida bass can grow quite large. Florida bass fishing uses certain techniques such as fishing hydrillas, grass shell beds, drop offs, and other native shelters. These techniques include flipping, casting, or pitching various types of lures and/or bait. 

There are many techniques and lures that can be used depending on the season. A Carolina rig is best for hot summer days as it can be fished in deep holes and drop offs. This allows the bass to reach deeper depths, which will help you avoid the 90 degree temperatures. Many fishing charter boats and fishing guides can offer you everything you need to go on a Florida family fishing trip. 

Most charter boats that offer ocean fishing provide licenses, bait, rods, and all the equipment you need to catch the bass. Some charter boats offer special expeditions for shark fishing, dolphin fishing, and barracudas, depending on the season. These trips are great for planning a Florida fishing vacation with the family.