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All about Aircraft Corrosion Control

Corrosion can be caused by chemical or electrochemical attacks and can occur on both internal and exterior surfaces. Corrosion can cause damage to adjacent components or weaken the aircraft's interior.  

Many factors can cause corrosion. A good program for controlling aircraft corrosion includes regular inspections, preventative treatments, and repairs.

Although many improvements have been made in the protection of aircraft from corrosion, it is important to develop a solid program for aircraft corrosion treatment and control. 

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Daily inspections are necessary, and all preventative maintenance programs must include:

  • Particular attention should be paid to landing gear and other exposed areas.
  • Periodic lubrication is necessary to protect the metal from moisture.
  • Treatment of corrosion immediately and repair of any damaged areas.
  • Drain holes should not be blocked.
  • Drain fuel cell sumps daily.
  • Every day, clean any areas that are considered critical.
  • Protect your aircraft from water damage during severe weather.
  • Proper ventilation is important to keep moisture out of the aircraft.
  • Protect your aircraft from the elements by using protective covers, especially during inclement weather.

Repairing aircraft corrosion can be costly, especially if it goes unnoticed for long periods. A program to prevent aircraft corrosion that includes timely repairs, treatment, and inspections will help you save time and money.