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Advantages of LED Lights

LEDs offer several advantages over traditional light bulbs, building on the best parts of their predecessors while leaving their inefficiencies behind. Here’s what LEDs have to offer and what makes them so beneficial:

1. Long life

The components of LEDs and the way they produce light greatly extend the life of these bulbs. When the life of other bulbs is shortened, either by proper use or abuse, the LED bulb's low heat, long life, and energy efficiency allow it to last thousands of hours than other types of bulbs. You can also buy the best-LED lights via

2. Energy efficiency

Due to their high lumen per watt output, LEDs are able to convert about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other light bulbs which lose a lot of energy and convert it to heat.

In comparison, light bulbs can get so hot that they should be kept away from children which could catch fire, and are also known to cause fires if they accidentally come into contact with flammable materials such as curtain fabrics.

3. High brightness and intensity

LEDs are capable of emitting very high brightness. Because of this, watts are no longer a useful measure of brightness – look at a bulb's lumen output when switching to LED or another energy-efficient lighting.

4. Reliability

LEDs are a very durable and reliable form of lighting – they can operate safely at lower temperatures and withstand more shock and vibration than other incandescent bulbs because they don't have a filament or other fragile parts.