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Advantages of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Pharmaceutical Industries

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry must be able to provide large quantities of high quality capsules for medical purposes. That way, it's only natural that they have the type of equipment they need to meet their needs. The automatic capsule filling machine is one such tool that serves as a panacea for this problem.

This machine has excellent performance and the fact that the process is fully automated ensures that large numbers of workers are not concentrated on any particular operation. You can also look for TES-1200 automatic capsule filler online.

Use of an automatic capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machines are mainly used by pharmaceutical companies to assist in the manufacture of hard gelatin capsules. They are used individually or together in formulations with granules, pellets and powders and offer a variety of combinations.

Automatic capsule filling machine

Some of the important features of the automatic capsule filling machine

  • The presence of a rotary table in the automatic capsule filling machine helps to capture dust particles from interactions with machine parts.
  • Automatic capsule filling machines separate the capsules by vacuum operation, which means less dust is generated during operation. This provides an advantage over other capsule filling machines.
  • The presence of a closed dosing system in the automatic capsule filler ensures that the cleaning frequency by means of dust extraction is significantly reduced.
  • The dispensing machine is very precise and regulates the weight of the capsule filling. This will ensure that the capsule is properly filled with its contents to obtain an accurately filled tablet.