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A Wine Cellar – What Do You Need to Know?

Setting up a cellar at home can help keep your precious wine collection protected. To age properly and develop the intricate layers of flavor envisioned, wine must be stored in a wine cellar away from low humidity, temperature fluctuations, and improper storage of the rest of the average home experiences.

On a small or elaborate scale, a winery must have the following components:

  • adequate insulation

  • racks to protect and display the bottles

  • proper temperature controls

  • adequate lighting levels

Your cellar can be an expression of your taste, you may just want practicality and as much storage as possible in a small space. Alternatively, you may want a showpiece where you can entertain friends and taste wines in luxurious comfort. Take your needs into account when designing your winery.

Also note that it is not necessary to reserve a winery for a country estate, as people from all walks of life who enjoy a good bottle of wine build or have wineries installed.

You'll want to go through the design process with an understanding of how you view your wine collection. Some bottles resemble pieces of art, so you can display them prominently.

A variety of storage methods nicely combined will give your cellar the most versatility. You can buy modular storage systems that are custom assembled, or you can have a carpenter create storage (this may be the most expensive option).

Simple storage racks (in wood or metal) will ensure that the wine remains adequately ventilated and separated. You may also want an area reserved for wine accessories such as glasses, corkscrews, bottle openers, and wine coolers or buckets. Your cellar can also have purely decorative elements in the form of artisan doors or ambient lighting.